God’s Word Through African Eyes

Hundreds of millions of Africans know and love Christ. However, most biblical resources come from a Western perspective—cultures far removed from the reality of life in Africa. In order to help meet this urgent need, the Africa Study Bible was created.

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The Africa Study Bible combines the clear, accurate text of modern translations—beginning in English with the New Living Translation—with study tools that reflect uniquely African insights and experiences.

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The Africa Study Bible app unleashes the most ethnically diverse, single-volume, biblical resource developed to date on your phone or tablet. Written by more than 350 contributors from 50 countries, it includes the New Living Translation and more than 2,600 features that illuminate the truth of Scripture with a unique, African perspective.

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The Africa Study Bible English Edition Launched!

The Africa Study Bible English edition was completed and launched in 5 countries in 2017. Praise God for this momentous accomplishment!

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Many leaders, pastors, professors, and writers have shared what the Africa Study Bible means to them. Check out their stories!

The Language of the Pulpits

Dr. John Jusu, Supervising Editor of the Africa Study Bible and Dean of the School of Professional Studies at Africa International University, gives his perspective on why the need for the Africa Study Bible is so great.

An Incarnational Witness

Dr. David Ngaruiya of International Leadership University, talks about how the Africa Study Bible will benefit both pastors and laypeople in Africa.

Discipleship Impact

Dr. Priscilla Adoyo, lecturer at Africa International University (formerly NEGST) and Africa Study Bible reviewer, speaks about the vital importance of discipleship, and how the Africa Study Bible‘s relevant articles from scholars and pastors from across Africa will disciple readers, transforming lives across the continent.


For too long, Christians in Africa have only had access to discipleship and biblical resources from a Western perspective. The heart and soul of Africa that influenced early Christ-followers from the Ethiopian eunuch to Augustine seemed lost in the past.

In 2011, leaders from across the African continent met and decided: a study Bible, an Africa Study Bible, would help bridge the gap of cultural understanding and relevance of the scripture to everyday life in Africa. Finally, Africans have a resource that speaks directly to their hearts, revealing the truth and beauty “God’s Word through African Eyes.”

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Along side the text of the beloved New Living Translation of the Bible, the Africa Study Bible has over 2,600 notes and features that connect scripture to different cultures throughout Africa. Over 350 writers and editors, from 50 countries, from four major language groups, have all worked on this project to create the most ethnically diverse, single-volume, study Bible to date. This historic collaboration has produced study notes for a Bible that truly reflect the many unique cultures that make up Africa—from Botswana to Egypt, from Kenya to Nigeria.

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With as many as 200 million Christians in Africa without a Bible, the continent of Africa has a great need for Bibles and relevant biblical discipleship material. Our goal is to reach those who have a hunger and thirst for the Word of God. They want to learn how to live out God’s truth in their own cultures. Pastors and teachers will learn how to teach more effectively by using examples from African cultures and experiences. The Africa Study Bible:

  • Applies the Word of God to daily life.
  • Reclaims the African roots of Christianity.
  • Explains Scripture in an African context, making it easy to understand.
  • Teaches an all-in-one course in Biblical content, theology, history, and culture.