Reports from the Field: Print on Demand in Demand

Keith Wiederwax, Director of African Operations

The arrival of the POD system was highly welcome in Jos and this is not just for Oasis Bookshop but for aspiring and local authors as well. Its existence was made known mainly through word of mouth advertisement and the fact that any quantity of a book could be printed made it really appealing.

For Oasis Bookshop, it helped greatly to print books that we are out of and new titles gotten from Publish For All’s website. One particular title was a hit among those we printed and it is Colour My World, a children activity book. Parents and teachers liked the book and we printed many of it but had to stop due to the laminating film problem we encountered. The Shop Supervisor for our Lagos bookshop requested we print at least 300 and send to them as soon as we solve the lamination problem. Even he couldn’t resist the book.

Aspiring authors used the opportunity to test run their manuscripts so we printed single copies of quite a number of manuscripts while some established authors printed their new books with the POD. The lowest quantity we have printed is 72 and highest is 300.