Nigeria Field Report: Bringing Food and Bibles to Christian Refugees

2015-03-09 23.01.22


“We have visited the interally displaced peoples camp at Hwolaza in the Bassa Local government Council of Plateau State today.

The camp is holding about 100 families. The majority of these people had direct contact with Boko Haram face to face. Most of the men you will see in the pictures had homes and possessions that were all either burnt or confiscated by the insurgents. God in his infinite mercy made a way for them to escape to Plateau State.

Nigeria Refugee Camp Blog Image-Woman Receives Bible[In the photo to the left], you will notice the oldest woman among them. She wept upon receiving a bible and a hymn book. She was quiet for two minutes before saying “thank you”. That it was a miracle to own another bible and hymn book again in life.

The food provided will last them for a month. This is very impressive, the leader (Reverend Hosea) said and were full of praises for the provision and to Oasis for transporting the essential commodities to them.

The government seems to be overwhelmed with the number of people in the different camps. The chief of this community provided a church school that served as their accommodation but without adequate water. Children normally go out and fetch from other people’s homes in the community for drinking and other uses.

There is no doubt that this work has brought smiles and hope in the minds of these persecuted Christians. None of them came with anything apart from what they wore on their bodies as they had to escape through the bush for three or more days before help of transportation came their way.

Some of their relations, according to the live testimony, had their hands tied backward and starting from the toes, will be cut off one after the other if you refuse to denounce Christ. Many people didn’t and these several cuts caused them to bleed to death.

I spoke for 10 minutes as I encourage them to be steadfast in the Lord, forgive those who hurt them and to continue to pray for them.

This is the first time they are seeing a huge amount of food items in the camp since their arrival two months ago. Please continue to pray for an end to this problem in Nigeria.”