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Africa Study Bibles for Pastors and Leaders

Equip Leaders in Africa with Africa Study Bibles today!

Thousands of pastors and leaders in Africa greatly desire this biblical resource but find the price of a study Bible difficult to afford. Help Oasis bring the gift of the Africa Study Bible to them!

Can’t decide but still want to help distribute the Africa Study Bible in Africa? Give HERand we’ll use your gift where it is needed most.


Church and school leaders and teachers of Tribe of Judah are in need of 200 Bibles. Learn more and give HERE.


Student leaders of FOCUS Kenya (InterVarsity/IFES) are in need of 4,500 Bibles. Learn more and give HERE.


Teachers of National Association of Christian Educators of Nigeria (NACEN) are in need of 2,000 Bibles. Learn more and give HERE.

Sierra Leone

Teacher Evangelists in Sierra Leone are in need of 400 Bibles. Learn more and give HERE.

Pastors in rural Sierra Leone are in need of 100 Bibles. Learn more and give HERE.


Teachers and Pastors of PEF in the Nuba Mountains are in need of 640 Bibles. Learn more and give HERE.


Key leaders of Chipata Youth Outreach Ministry are in need of 48 Bibles. Learn more and give HERE.

Know of an African organization who could use the Africa Study Bible but do not see them on our list? Fill out our application form HERE.

“I wanted to appreciate you for the Bibles. They’re wonderful. We thank you for making this possible. I personally have used it a lot and I can tell you it needs to get into the hands of every pastor in the continent.“ –Pastor Bramuel Musya, East Africa Director, Kids Around the World

A few we have already distributed:

140 Bibles to South African Council of Churches 30 Bibles to Global Scholars, Nigeria 16 Bibles to Busia Calvary Baptist Church, Uganda
60 Bibles to Network for African Congregational Theology, South Africa 48 Bibles to PIEI-WOT-Kenya 104 Bibles to Uganda Pastors Conference
96 Bibles to Lusaka, Zambia 40 Bibles to EKHCM students, Ethiopia 42 Bibles to African Evangelistic Enterprise, Rwanda
56 Bibles to Kalamba District Church Council, Kenya 320 Bibles to Zion Bible College, Swaziland 392 Bibles to Africa Theological Seminary, Kenya
50 Bibles to Cameroon Baptist Convention 48 Bibles to More than a Mile Deep, Zimbabwe 330 Bibles to Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA Territory
200 Bibles to Multi-Church Pastor Institute, Kenya